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What is Snehadeep Trust?

As the brainchild of three highly motivated, visually impaired graduates, Snehadeep Trust for the Disabled was established in 1999 with the goal of helping people with disabilities achieve the life opportunities for which they had fought so hard.


'Creating a world with equal opportunities for the disabled'

Our vision is goal-oriented, yet genuinely basic — unite people with disabilities for greater good. Alongside your assistance, we can get it going. Working in networks with the most need, we assemble good conditions and assist with engaging people to make enduring change that proceeds for a longer duration.

Our projects center around wellbeing, instruction, strengthening and work to give people with disabilities a way out and an opportunity to imagine a future they never thought conceivable.


Working with govt. agencies, training institutions, private corporations, community organizations to mobilize resources, people and technology for bettering the lives of the disabled with right education, skills, training and suitable opportunities thereby, attain social and economic development and play active roles in nation building.

We help people with disabilities and youth around the world break free from poverty. Through a proven approach, local staff and __ community centers strategically located in _Bangalore and Ranebennur_() and with the help of volunteers and partners, we’re working to give our people the tools to grow up healthy, educated, employed and empowered to break the cycle of disability.

Let's make a change

Assisting the needy disabled students to pursue education to the maximum extent possible by providing them with all facilities like Braille books, e-text, hostel facilities.


Providing the disabled students with computer training and assisting them in getting certification from a recognized institution.


Providing training and development to students with disabilities and enabling them to choose their career path after they complete Senior Secondary Certificate (Class 10th). For this purpose, identifying a minimum of 10 students and providing in-house career guidance, personality development, counseling, motivation training and preparing them for further courses and placing them suitably.


Setting up computer centers in four to five locations in Karnataka to train the disabled and children from weaker section of the society for them to pursue computer training.


Providing hostel facilities for girls, enabling them to pursue higher education and helping them to secure admission in college.


Providing voluntary services like reading and teaching to students and coaching them on special subjects like communication courses, enabling them to have better exposure to the outside world.


Providing placement to the trained candidates in call centers and other corporate companies.


Conducting sports and cultural events to encourage and create awareness about the talents of the differently abled persons in the society.


Conducting seminars and workshops to highlight the needs of the disabled and visually challenged individuals.


The ultimate objective of Snehadeep is to enable persons with disabilities to be independent and economically sound

Benefit Benefit

Mission to make a smile

We are committed to bringing positive changes in the lives of the disabled

Build home

We are striving hard to build our OWN HOME: Own Residential facility to serve more people

Medical facilities

Urban Medical facilities on time for all students in our Residential Centres

Food & water

Clean water and Hot fresh meals with balanced nutrition - 3 times a day

Education facilities

Using Advanced Computer Technologies to provide highly effective training classes to all Students